Persian Treasures Slots

Persian Treasures Slots

Travel straight to the middle of a Persian temple with valuable treasures all around you in this slot. The first moment you begin playing you'll see stunning symbols. They're just one part of what makes this game special though. Take time evaluating the different features to learn why we recommend this game.

Always 25 Coins

The slot has 25 paylines, and they must be turned on for each spin. That means you need to wager 25 coins at all times. With no variation in the number of paylines you play on, you'll have fewer wagering options to choose from.

Poor Wagering Options

It's important to consider what wagers are supported by a slot before you begin playing it. This game has a low wager limit of $2.00 and a high limit of $20.00. The limits are per spin and easy to adjust. It's too expensive for many gamblers, but the maximum bet is too low for most high-rollers.

Cascading Wins

If you win with one of your spins, the game will keep moving without you doing anything. The winning symbols vanish, and new symbols drop down instead. You can win more than once in a single spin, claiming better rewards. The feature also gives you multipliers if you get more than one win in the same spin by using the cascading symbols feature.

Demo Play is Supported

Test play this game as much as you want for free using demo mode. Demo mode is simple and provides a chance for you to test the game without risking your cash.

Win Up to 250,000 Coins

The top prizes available are generous and can be as large as 250,000 coins. If you wager a decent amount, such a large win would be massive.

Use Scatters to Get Free Spins

When you get three or more scatters, you'll start free spins. These special spins give you between 7 and 13 spins. While free spins are going you'll win more often. You also won't spend any money.

Use the Bonus Bet

There's a special wager you can turn on that increases your cost to spin by 25% but gives you a better chance to unlock the free spin bonus. Use this feature to win bonuses more often if you don't mind spending more on your spins.

Buy the Bonus

If you're tired of waiting for the bonus, you can buy it instantly and start the free spins round. To do this, you pay 100x the current wager cost, and you'll unlock the bonus immediately.

Take this Game Anywhere

You don't have to play this slot on a computer. Both phones and tablets display and run the game fine. The game works on small screens, and it performs exactly the same. If you're curious about its mobile support, you can try it free whenever.

The wager options are poor with this slot, but Persian Treasures is still worth playing because of its bonus features. We love the cascading symbols and the bonus trail feature that gives you multipliers to increase your wins. If you play this slot, you have a chance to win big, and you'll likely enjoy your gambling experience.