Fortunate Buddha Slots

Fortunate Buddha Slots

Fortunate Buddha is a charming little slot with vibrant symbols, nice animations, and a stunning background. Fortunate Buddha is the game you'll want to experience when you're ready to relax; that is why we recommend this slot. Most of the game's features are basic and similar to other slot offerings. We outline what you'll get below.

Wilds and Scatters

There are wilds on reels 2 through 5, and the game offers up to 100x your wager value with its scatter symbols. These two bonus symbols help you win regularly, and the scatter can lead to a bonus game as well.

Set Paylines and Limited Wager Values

The paylines are locked with 50 on all the time. When playing, your wagers are highly limited because of this. The minimum you can bet is $0.50 per spin. The maximum you can wager is just $5.00 per spin. This range will be good for some gamblers, but many would prefer to wager at a different level.

Try for Five Progressive Jackpots

The first thing we noted about this game is its five different progressive jackpots. The lowest two go up or down in value based on how much you wager, but the rest slowly grow in value and don't change based on your wager amount. To win these jackpots, you must get six or more Fortune Orbs. Do that, and you start the special fortune bonus round. In this round, the orbs are locked in place, and the game continues spinning and locking in new orbs as long as they continue to appear. Get enough of these orbs, and you'll win a jackpot payout. Don't get enough, and you'll win a small instant prize. If you can fill the entire screen with the orbs, you'll win the Super Grand Jackpot at its current value. We love the large jackpot featured by this slot, but there are other features worth getting to know if you have the time.

Basic Free Spins

The game has free spins feature you can trigger whenever you get three or more scatters. The feature is simple and not that exciting. Trigger it, and you get six free spins at the current bet value. There are no multipliers or special perks that activate during this round. You can trigger an additional six free spins whenever you get three or more scatters during the bonus round. The game tallies up your winnings and pays you them at the end of your free spins. This feature is dull, but it adds some major wins to the game over time.

Adjust the Speed and Activate Auto Spins

You get two-speed settings with this game, normal and fast. Press the lightning symbol to change between the options. You also have a basic auto spin feature available to you. Press the auto spin button and choose whether you want infinite spins or between 5 and 100 spins. The game will automatically spin for you based on your settings and your current wager value when you activate this feature.

After playing the slot for a bit, we like it for its presentation and the Fortune Link feature with all the jackpots. Other than the Fortune Link feature, the perks are basic. We recommend this slot to anyone that likes the way it looks and doesn't mind the lack of wagering options. It's decent but not perfect.