Desert Raider Slots

Desert Raider is about exploring and taking valuables from Ancient Egyptian tombs. When you play the game, you'll see impressive sites and have ample opportunity to explore and play for huge wins. You'll need to spend time learning this game before you start playing for big wins, but if you keep things slow, you can start playing for a little investment while having fun.

Try Free First

Before you start spending money, test this slot for free. Open it up and test it free when you like. It's easy to do. Load it and see how it feels to play, then move on to playing using real money once you want a shot at winning big.

Stretched Wilds are Common

The explorer is the wild in this game, and he always takes the entire reel when he appears. Use the wild to help you win bigger prize payouts and improve your gambling experience. Wilds will always appear small, but they will stretch to fill a full reel if they stop anywhere on the screen. You'll get used to watching wilds grow and increase your chances of winning. This is one of our favorite features of the slot.

Gamble on 20 Paylines At All Times

You have 20 paylines to wager on, which means you have 20 chances to win each time you spin while playing this slot. With 20 paylines, you must wager 20 coins per spin, limiting your wager options. With a set number of paylines at all times, you only have to adjust the value of your coins to change what you spend spinning the reels.

Low to Mid Stakes Wagering

We like that a minimum wager value of $0.20 per spin can be set because low-stakes gamblers will appreciate it. The maximum bet amount of $20.00 isn't great, though. This wager won't satisfy any high rollers, and only low-stakes and mid-stakes gamblers can enjoy this game for that reason.

You Could win 50,000 Coins

When you play the game, you could win as much as 50,000 coins in one spin. That's the maximum prize payout, and it's possible when you play. If you're the luckiest gambler alive, you could get this win, and it makes the game more than worthy of test playing. Try the game yourself, and you'll quickly see the value in playing it.

Morphing Free Spins

When you get at least three scatters, you trigger the free spin bonus. During this round, you get between 10 and 14 games with morphing symbols. With each spin, a symbol is chosen to be the morphing symbol. The symbol will transform into a different symbol, giving you a chance to have many of the same symbol across the reels. This feature increases your chances of winning while playing here, which is why it's best when you get into the free spin bonus.

Desert Raider is a slot that's designed to appeal to gamblers that like adventure and special bonuses. The stretching wilds and morphing symbols make the reels seem more dynamic when you play, and it's this little bit of additional complexity that makes the game worth remembering for me. Try the game if you want a chance to win some good prizes. Just remember that you will need some bonuses to get the best wins.